Hi. I’m Ellie Gabel

I am an experienced freelance writer focused on sustainability and environmental issues, internet of things (IoT), robotics, and innovative technology and new scientific advancements.

Our world is constantly evolving, and my goal is to help everyone keep up with the changes. For over 3 years, I've been writing about the latest and greatest advancements in science and technology and how they’re impacting our lives.

You can find some of my past work on sites like IoT For All, 3DPrint.com, IIoT World, and Sustainable Review. I’m also the Associate Editor of a science and tech industry publication, Revolutionized.

If you’re looking for an efficient and detail-oriented writer to cover the latest tech news in your industry, you’re in the right place! I keep my finger on the pulse of innovative technologies, and I’m always excited to learn about recent developments in new industries. I’m also passionate about environmental issues, and I’ve written a lot about sustainable tech.

My calendar is wide open. Whether you need someone for a one-off article or you’re looking for a writer who can contribute on a regular basis, I can write on a schedule that works best for you.


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